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Light in the Darkness

If you’ve ever visited Carlsbad Caverns NM, you know that it takes about an hour just to descend the switchbacks into this massive underground world. All along the path there are dim electric lights that guide your steps; but I didn’t appreciate those lights until our family took a tour of what’s called the Queen’s Chamber. There, the ranger asked one of us to turn off the switch which illuminated the cavern, and all at once we were thrown into absolute darkness. That’s when I began to ponder what it would be like to navigate the miles of narrow switch backs and bottomless gorges back to the surface…without light. It would be, quite simply, terrifying! Who would choose to grope their way in or out of here without a lamp. I couldn’t imagine it.

In 1 John 1:5 we read, “God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all.” The light of God is the light of truth and goodness, where there is no falsehood, no deception, and not a shred of evil. Having fellowship with God is the greatest privilege. Even so, many today attempt to navigate through this world without the light of his words and ways.

Next week, we are hosting a new VBS Day Camp with the theme, “Cave Quest - Following Jesus, the Light of the World.” Our students have created an elaborate cave scene that will serve as a backdrop for the opening and closing ceremonies each day, and it looks incredible! The VBS Team covets your prayers as they share the light of Christ with more than 100 children and their families here on the church campus.

Back in in that cave, 750 feet below the surface, I could not see the hand in front of my face; but instead of turning on the electric lights again, the Ranger struck a match, and a single candle flame suddenly pierced the darkness. With that tiny flame, we could see the walls of the cave again, we could see each other again, and we could see the Ranger who knew the way out! “I am the light of the world” Jesus said, “and those who follow me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” Hope to see you soon…


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