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Remedial Education

This week many students are returning to local classrooms and college lecture halls. I’ve got one heading back to Venice High School this week for her senior year, and she’s as excited as you can be after a relaxing vacation…minus the ridiculous amount of summer homework these kids get now. My eldest is even more ready to get back to college. She loves her new friends, and her teachers. I have to say, even though I’ve put in plenty of years in school myself, there are times when I miss the life of a student. I've been thinking again this week of my own need for “remedial education.” No I’m not going back for another degree. I couldn’t afford it! But I do plan to spend significant time

A Time to Give Honor

Of all the churches Paul founded, the Philippians brought him the most joy. It’s no surprise that when they learned Paul was again in prison for the gospel; they sent a man named Epaphroditus to encourage him with money and supplies and friendship as he had so encouraged them with the gospel. Paul was deeply moved by this act of compassion and said so in his letter. We all need encouragement and affirmation. Paul needed it, they needed it, and we need it. This week my family got to celebrate my parents’ birthdays and their 55+ anniversary. We spent Wednesday at Monte Vista Grove where my folks live in community with other retired Presbyterian pastors and missionaries. Dad and Mom decided

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