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Some Assembly Required

Kaitlin texted me yesterday to let me know that my bike had arrived. I was thrilled. I found it on eBay last week for a good price after going without one for three years. That’s what I deserve for leaving my Trek outside and overnight at St. John’s with a flimsy cable lock – an invitation to get it stolen. I think waiting to replace it was my self-imposed penance. Anyways, I’m free of all that now and ready to move on. I was also determined not to have to borrow someone else's bike again for the annual Bike Ride to Redondo Beach this Saturday. That being said, I wasn’t on the bike path quite yet…. That’s because my “8 speed Evo Action City Urban Bike” didn’t come ready to ride. Did I really

Well Done!

This week has marked a “climactic change” in the office with the arrival of Jenna Dulay our brand new Director of Student Ministries; and two summer interns Amelia Ashley and Kaitlin Craig, who are assisting Nancy Ashley in Children & Family Ministry. Sandi and I are enjoying how our quiet hallway is coming alive with activity again. As I was preparing a devotional for our first staff meeting on Tuesday, my eyes landed on a description of Jesus in Mark 7:37: “He has done everything well.” That was a high compliment, but could it ever be said of us? I thought about that as I reflected on the passage with our new ministry team. The compliment Jesus was given came as he was passing “by way o

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