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This Week's Sermon

Living in Contentment

Dr. Steven Craig

Philippians 4:10-23

July 14, 2024

Current Sermon Series

Youth Sunday

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The goal, we’ve been told, is “the good life” – but what is that, exactly? Is it material success? Success in relationships? Meaningful work? Good health? Paul begins his letter to the Philippians praying that they be able “to determine what really matters” in life (that is, “what is best” or “excellent”). Paul says that, as far as he’s concerned, “living... is Christ” (Phil. 1:23) and throughout his letter he unpacks what that means: A life lived in partnership with Christ and others, despite the tendency to be prideful, argue and complain! A life that perseveres through trials, a life of contentment, bathed in God’s peace, a life lived with a constant clear vision of heaven’s joys before us. The striking thing is that Paul says all this from a Roman prison cell, in danger of losing his life, which doesn’t sound like “the good life” at all. Yet as we read on, we may reconsider what “the good life” is all about. 

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