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Sacred Circles

I was on my way to a hospital visit this morning, moving through rush hour traffic, finding my way into the visitor parking lot, then walking into the plaza where I asked the location of one of our church members. I wanted to make sure I got there before the surgery began, so I was relieved to finally get to the pre-op room. I shouldn’t have been surprised that the surgery was delayed until noon! Her spouse was there, and then another friend arrived. What we had in common was our faith and our friendship in Christ; and so in that room we shared, we laughed, we encouraged one another, and then held hands in a sacred circle of prayer. We asked Jesus our Great Physician to work through the

What Do You Stand For?

I’ll never forget visiting the National Archives in Washington D.C. and seeing the Declaration of Independence. We were told that if anyone came within two feet of that glass enclosed document, it would immediately descend into a vault able to withstand a direct nuclear strike. I thought that was so cool; but not as cool as what is arguably the most concise and elegant text ever written to declare the ideals of equality, liberty, and popular rule. That experience made me feel patriotic, but so does flying my flag on the 4th of July or standing at the National Anthem. Even so, I applaud those like 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick who has chosen to kneel rather than stand for the Nationa

The Family Circle

Like thousands of families this week, we dropped our children off at school. But this week was a little different. Many of you know what I’m talking about; and like me you’ve felt that strange mixture of joy, gratification, and some sadness, as you watch someone you dearly love leave the nest and head off to college for the first time! Having attended UC San Diego, observing a Christian college orientation like the one at Azusa Pacific University was new to me. God certainly found me at UCSD by connecting me with other believers and challenging me to engage the university’s secular worldview in a thoughtful way. But it was good to see that at APU there was not only a vibrant faith commun

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