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The climate on the Westside is nothing to complain about. We have remarkably temperate weather here in coastal Southern California – a climate cooled by the Pacific Ocean to the west and kept warm and dry by that vast desert to the east. And though we don’t have a real winter here at sea level, we know that even snow is just a few hours away in our mile-high mountains. So even here in temperate California, I am inspired by the changing seasons and find the rhythms of nature comforting. And speaking of seasons, we have now entered that period of increasing daylight when the northern hemisphere turns its face toward the sun more directly. Winter, such as it is, has passed. Spring too is

Fellowship Hall

Wikipedia defines Fellowship Hall as “a large room in a church building where certain activities take place, such as, dinners, breakfasts, meetings, workshops, etc.” Did you know that our own Fellowship Hall was the original sanctuary long before the “new” sanctuary, completed in 1962, was even a dream? So much living has happened in that building. Imagine a time lapse camera placed up in the corner some 65 years ago that never stopped snapping pictures. The resulting film would tell of unnumbered wedding vows, memorial receptions, youth group meetings and senior celebrations, Sunday classes and International Fellowship dinners, community gatherings and food packing events, Red Cross blo


What our leaders were sharing at the February Leadership Retreat was a little surprising, even shocking in a way, but let me back up a little. If you haven’t heard, St. John’s current goal is “to be a place where our discipling relationships inside the church help us to disciple people outside the church.” For the past two years we’ve been encouraging each other to build relationships with folks outside the church, learn how to articulate our personal story of Christian faith, and share the gospel in a meaningful way. That’s a tall order in a culture that encourages us to keep quiet about our faith. Yet, many in our congregation reported that they were starting to form authentic friendsh

Someone Called

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of announcing the call of Andrew Kriske, our soon to be Director of Youth Ministry. After reviewing dozens of resumes and interviewing several candidates, Andrew was the unanimous choice of our Search Committee and students. We look forward to welcoming Andrew and Shelby when they arrive from Chicago later this month; and we continue to give thanks for our interim team led by Dir. of Children & Family Ministries, Alea Schneider. Of course, it was not enough for our committee to feel that Andrew was called by God to St. John’s; he and his wife Shelby needed to feel called as well. That’s why a message Andrew left on my phone after their visit three weeks ago

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