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Yesterday I was on the phone when Sandi came into my office to say that two men were outside our front door slugging it out over a backpack and guitar. By the time I got there one had run, and the other was standing with his fists up, insisting we had his stuff somewhere in the office! After trying to calmly explain that we did not, he began pounding on the door again. “Is there a guitar anywhere in your office?” “Yes,” I said, and then I asked him what brand and color it was. “Jackson electric, green.” I walked back to get my Taylor six string. “This is the only guitar here,” I said. “That’s not mine! Where’s my guitar?” I could see this was going nowhere; but then he added: “You a

Good Dreams

Last week I had a bad dream. I was standing in a parking lot when I heard two shots; then the terrible news that I won’t relate here. I woke up and immediately began praying for my family, my church, and for those living in fear from terrorism. That same morning, I opened the paper to find two stories about violent shootings, of muslim families in Syria and Jews in Tel Aviv. The next day, after Sunday worship, I was informed about the murder of more than 50 souls at a gay bar in Florida. We join the world in grief over these events, not to mention the shooting of concert goers in Paris, black worshipers in Charleston SC, students and professors at nearby colleges, and defenseless childr

Graduation Day

This week is graduation for many students and it calls to mind one of Jesus’ most famous parables (Matt. 25: 14-20). He describes a man who before going away on a long journey “hands over” his possessions to his servants and tells them to trade with them until he returns. To underscore this divine trust, Jesus tells us that to one he gives five talents, to another two, and to another one. Now a Greek talenton was equivalent to about 10,000 days of work, a massive sum, meaning that even one single talent was equivalent to a lifetime of wages! Consider how much confidence the Lord has in us, that he would give each of us at least one talent! For those students who are culminating or gradua

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