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Wisdom in the Trenches

In 2001, the year Wikipedia launched and four years after Google was founded, UC Berkeley sought to measure in “data bits” the information gathered in that year and compare it with the amount of information collected in previous times. Their findings were astonishing. More information was gathered in 2001 than in all previous years of human history combined. In fact, 2001 doubled the previous total. Then, in 2002, that information doubled again – adding 23 exobytes = 140,000 Library of Congress collections. Now here’s the interesting thing: a former CIA analyst Martin Gurri argues in his recent book that precisely because of all the information that is available to the public, there is now a

Rest for the Weary

I wonder sometimes if recounting one’s summer vacation with others isn’t a little risky. I’m very aware that many of us work long hours, and carry more than one job, with few benefits and little opportunity for vacation. With that in mind, I want to say that I am very grateful as your pastor for the opportunities I’ve been given to spend refreshing time with my family each summer. We know that rest is an essential part of the rhythm of life, even if we don’t get it; and I find it reassuring that even Jesus took intentional steps to be with his disciples and with the Father in quiet and solitude (Mark 6: 30-31). This past month was especially meaningful as Lisa and I first traveled to Minneap

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