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The climate on the Westside is nothing to complain about. We have remarkably temperate weather here in coastal Southern California – a climate cooled by the Pacific Ocean to the west and kept warm and dry by that vast desert to the east. And though we don’t have a real winter here at sea level, we know that even snow is just a few hours away in our mile-high mountains. So even here in temperate California, I am inspired by the changing seasons and find the rhythms of nature comforting. And speaking of seasons, we have now entered that period of increasing daylight when the northern hemisphere turns its face toward the sun more directly. Winter, such as it is, has passed. Spring too is almost gone, school is almost out, and summer is on its way.

The book of Ecclesiastes says that “For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). This Sunday we’re celebrating the beginning of a new season. We’re calling it a Season of Togetherness, and not because we plan to follow “togetherness” with a Season of Divisiveness! Is it just me, or would you agree that we’ve already seen too much of that season during this particularly bitter and polarizing Presidential election year? No, this new season at St. John’s reflects the fact that like summer and fall, winter and spring, there is a necessary balance between reaching out and reaching in; between building relationships beyond the church, and deepening relationships inside the church; between being together with Jesus and going together in His name.

The leaders of St. John’s have called the church to this Season of Togetherness in order that we might renew our relationships inside the church through celebration, worship, and service; not so that this season becomes an end in itself…but so that love for one another might be a defining characteristic of St. John’s regardless of the season we are in. We really want to be a people that is growing in love for one another, and in love for the world he came to save. So please join us for the kick-off BBQ this Sunday May 29th. News Flash: our new youth director Andrew Kriske and his wife Shelby will be joining us for the celebration. Hope to see you there….


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