Elders and Deacons

The belief that the people of God are called to be leaders is at the heart of the Presbyterian way. This commitment manifests itself in a style of “representative democracy” that is unique in the worldwide church. 


The officers who serve on these boards have been identified for their gifts of leadership and a commitment to the life and ministry of this congregation and are elected to three-year terms by the congregation.  


The Session is the spiritual governing body of the congregation. It consists of the senior pastor and 12 Session Elders, all who are active members of the church. The Session is responsible for spiritual and temporal affairs, government and discipline of St. John's Presbyterian Church.

The Board of Deacons is responsible for the care of the poor, the stranger, and the sick with the church as well as the community. It consists of twelve (12) elected Deacons who shall be persons of spiritual mind, exemplary life, friendly spirit and sound judgment.


Class of 2019

  • Kevin Ivey (Support)

  • Jim Lamm (Outreach & Proclamation)

  • Sonja Wittich (Worship)

  • Kristen Baldridge (Growing in Faith)


Class of 2020

  • Nancy Wambaa (Outreach & Proclamation)

  • Don Eichenseer (Support)

  • Jim Matheny (Growing in Faith)

  • Jean Carfagno (Building Community)

Class of 2021

  • Al Huber (Support)

  • Pat Whiting (Worship)

  • Rosalyn Scott (Building Community)

  • Peter Akemann (Growing in Faith)


Shirley Sinn (Clerk of Session)


Class of 2019

  • Cathi Lamm

  • Heather Ivey

  • Marilyn Yokota

  • Marie-Claire Orban


Class of 2020

  • Florence Akaya

  • Delrose Buchanan

  • Moira Donnelly

Class of 2021

  • Ellen Or

  • Lisa Craig

  • Stephen Heywood

  • Melissa Couch

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