St. John's Nursery School is now open in compliance with all CDC, LA County and California State Guidelines.  We've taken great care to create the safest possible environment for your children.

Nursery School

Reopening Update

We are thrilled to announce we have reopened our doors on August 24, 2020. Our Nursery School is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for children to grow, develop, and thrive. We have been busy preparing our classrooms and playground to be aligned with CDC recommendations, as well as state and county requirements. We will continue to update our protocols in response to new guidelines and information about COVID-19 so that everyone in our school community will remain healthy.

Greetings and Screenings

Every morning we will greet you and your child at the front of the school. We will take a temperature check of your child each morning and ask about any fevers and coughs that the child or anyone in the household has had. If any child or anyone in their household has been sick, they will be asked to stay home. Children will come to school with their own face mask that they will wear throughout their school day. 

Socializing and Playing with Physical Distancing

We will limit our classroom sizes to no more than 10 students per classroom and keep the same children together throughout the day, including when we play outside. We have adjusted our classrooms and play equipment to only those toys that can be cleaned easily between uses. And we will be asking families to provide their child with their own snacks, water bottles, and art supplies, so we can keep everyone as healthy as possible and still have lots of fun together. 

New Visitor Policy

For now, we will only be allowing essential visitors at the school, which include the family member who will be dropping off and picking up outside the school. Nonessential visitors will not be permitted at the school. Until it is deemed safe to do so, we will not be providing tours to new families but welcome families to call us to find out more about our program.

Our Philosophy

Our school is to supplement the home in a variety of ways. Safe group experiences help children relate to peers as well as to adults other than their own parents.  The children are exposed to a wide variety of activities on a daily basis, and each day is planned around individual need for growth emotionally, physically and intellectually.  Our school provides a loving, nurturing and caring environment, which is conducive to Christian growth and development.  We believe in promoting self-esteem; each child is given love and acceptance by our professional and caring staff.  Four times a month, chapel time is let by Pastor Steve Craig and the Children's Director, Nancy Ashley.

Enrollment Information

Children who will be three years old, on or before December 2nd are eligible for the school year. They remain eligible until they transition into Kindergarten. We will be offering full- and half-day programs, Monday through Friday.

Half Day

Mornings: 8 AM - 12 PM

Afternoons: 1 PM - 5 PM

All Day

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


5-Day: Monday through Friday

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