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Lent is Here!

St. John's Sign

Lent is traditionally a time of prayer and self-sacrifice aimed at deepening our faith and understanding of the suffering that Christ endured on the cross on our behalf.  It is also a time to prepare for the joy of his resurrection and the salvation brought to us by what he did on the Cross.

This year we encourage you to participate using a prayer guide from Waymakers called Seek God for the City. We always pray better together -- by committing to daily prayer using this prayer guide you will be joining Christians in hundreds of churches across our country.

Seek God for the City is available in two forms:

On paper - pick up a copy at the church office or at Sunday's service for $1.50.

On smartphone or tablet - the Seek God for the City app is available for download on the Android, Apple, and Amazon Kindle app stores for an in-app purchase of 99¢. Use the links below or to find out more:

This year we invite you to join Pastor Steve and other members of our St. John's community in a 40 day venture of sustained, hope-filled prayer for the ministry of St. John’s, for our families, our neighbors, our community, our nation, and God’s work around the world. 

Please enjoy "Why Pray?", a fun animated short from exploring why we pray. Narrated by Pete Greig, a founder of the 24-7 Prayer movement. 

This video has been deleted.
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