During the Covid-19 pandemic, ISF meets online solely by Zoom.

International Student/Scholar Fellowship

Every 1st and 3rd Fridays at 7pm in Fellowship Hall

International Student/Scholar Fellowship (ISF) is a student/scholar-centered ministry to respond to the needs of international students/scholars and their families. Every student is treated with dignity, compassion, and sensitivity. ISF exists to share Christ’s love with international students/scholars and help them to take that love as they return to their home countries. We welcome all international students and scholars from any country who want to experience a community that takes care of and supports each other as a big family here in a foreign country. Many of the students and scholars attend UCLA, Santa Monica College, Loyola Marymount and USC.

If you join us, you will meet a group of amazing American friends who have been working together as a team for 5-10 years with International students/scholars and their families. Health guidelines permitting, you will be warmly welcomed to such varied activities as Friday Family Night, Community Group, Bible English Class, Saturday morning hiking, friendship partners, and camping trips.

English Through Bible Stories

We normally meet weekly Monday through Thursday from 3 to 4pm Los Angeles time (click here for your local time) over Zoom for improving spoken English as we read and discuss Bible stories. We have different native English speakers each day of the week as teachers. Many friends have been experienced quick improvement of their spoken English. Once you start to come, you will want to join us every day!

Bible Study

We meet one-on-one or in small groups for Bible Study for all who are interested. We discuss such topics as the meaning of life, the value of you and your life, principles for marriage and family relationships, truth, eternal life, hope, peace, and security.

Airport Pickup

If you need to be picked up at LAX, leave the information and you will meet a new friend and experience being welcomed by a local family. If you choose, you may be introduced to a community of friends to help your smooth adjustment in greater Los Angeles. It is our free expression of hospitality in Christ. Then, if you want to join our activities afterwards, you will be warmly welcomed.