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The Complete History of St. John's Presbyterian Church

Lyle Steinmehl



It is often said that a church is not a building.  It is the people who make up the congregation, since a building can be moved, replaced or destroyed.  While that cannot be disputed, the people that make up the church reflect the place where they assemble and worship.  This history in 7 parts starts at the beginning and looks at the history and culture of our little corner of the world, which have come to shape us as a congregation.  

The historical information of the area is from various resources available on the internet, and some are reproduced here without permission. I have tried to reference the sources wherever possible.  I encourage you to explore our history yourself using the references at the end of each section.

Part 1: The Early History of the Area

Part 2: The Ranchos

Part 3: Cession to the United States

Part 4: A City Takes Root and St. John's Is Planted

Part 5: A Permanent Home

Coming Soon:

Part 6: Development and Growth

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