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March 23, 2016

Tuesday morning I was sitting in my car as I read the sad news of yet another terrorist bombing, this time in Brussels where scores were killed or seriously wounded.  But that was after I had been reading a familiar passage from Luke 5 where Jesus heals a paralyzed man that had been lowered through the roof by his friends.  It was Jesus’ forgiveness that most upset the religious critics standing nearby: “Who can forgive sins except God alone?” they scoffed.  As I pondered Jesus’ forgiveness, which he extended even to those who were crucifying him, I thought of Jesus’ command that we must forgive and to even pray for those who persecute us.  Can I be honest?  I didn’t want a lesson in forgiveness after just reading about another act of terrorism!  But as I prayed, this thought came to mind: to forgive does not mean that we ignore injustice or abandon those who are suffering violence.  But to forgive does mean that I am letting go of hate, vengeance, and self-righteousness; that I intend...

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