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June 22, 2016

Yesterday I was on the phone when Sandi came into my office to say that two men were outside our front door slugging it out over a backpack and guitar.  By the time I got there one had run, and the other was standing with his fists up, insisting we had his stuff somewhere in the office! After trying to calmly explain that we did not, he began pounding on the door again.  “Is there a guitar anywhere in your office?”  “Yes,” I said, and then I asked him what brand and color it was.  “Jackson electric, green.”  I walked back to get my Taylor six string.  “This is the only guitar here,” I said.  “That’s not mine!  Where’s my guitar?”  I could see this was going nowhere; but then he added: “You are church people right? You have to tell the truth!”  “Yes.” I said.  “And believe me when I say that we don’t have your stuff.”  Unfortunately, because he was under the influence, the police had to come and escort him off the property.  But I kept thinking about what he said, what he had learned so...

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