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May 6, 2017

We’ve all heard about the guy who said to his doctor, “It hurts when I do this.”  “Well then” says the doctor, “don’t do that!”  About five years ago, I went skiing with my family and had a mishap that hyper-extended my knee.  I was careful with it, and over time, the pain went away; but I notice that the pain returns if I’m not careful -- like last week when I was running up at Mount Hermon at a pastor’s conference.  Pass the ibuprofen please! 

As I sat at the kitchen table this week, icing my knee, I saw an LA Times article that seemed well timed: “Don’t’ Let the Realities of Life Run You Off Your Exercise Goals.”  The basic point of the article was that we don’t need to exercise until we’re in pain, we need to stop exercising when we’re in pain!  I’m not talking about the normal buildup of lactic acid that stimulates muscle growth.  I’m talking about the sharp pains we may feel with a knee, elbow, or back injury.  No amount of ice or ibuprofen is going to change the fact th...

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