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June 15, 2019

Kaitlin texted me yesterday to let me know that my bike had arrived. I was thrilled. I found it on eBay last week for a good price after going without one for three years. That’s what I deserve for leaving my Trek outside and overnight at St. John’s with a flimsy cable lock – an invitation to get it stolen. I think waiting to replace it was my self-imposed penance. Anyways, I’m free of all that now and ready to move on. I was also determined not to have to borrow someone else's bike again for the annual Bike Ride to Redondo Beach this Saturday. That being said, I wasn’t on the bike path quite yet….

That’s because my “8 speed Evo Action City Urban Bike” didn’t come ready to ride. Did I really think FedEx would deliver a fully assembled product to my front door? Have I ever seen anything but boxes come out of the back of those delivery trucks? Did I really believe that eBay’s promise to deliver the product as advertised included fully assembled bikes? Do I think I’m beginning to...

June 1, 2019

This week has marked a “climactic change” in the office with the arrival of Jenna Dulay our brand new Director of Student Ministries; and two summer interns Amelia Ashley and Kaitlin Craig, who are assisting Nancy Ashley in Children & Family Ministry. Sandi and I are enjoying how our quiet hallway is coming alive with activity again.  As I was preparing a devotional for our first staff meeting on Tuesday, my eyes landed on a description of Jesus in Mark 7:37: “He has done everything well.”  That was a high compliment, but could it ever be said of us?  I thought about that as I reflected on the passage with our new ministry team.

The compliment Jesus was given came as he was passing “by way of Sidon” to the Sea of Galilee. There in this Gentile region, “they brought him a deaf man who had an impediment in his speech; and they begged him to lay his hand on him.”  The sentence reminded me that “doing well” in Jesus’ eyes begins as we bring others closer t...

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