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December 22, 2018

This Christmas I was determined to get most of the pepper tree in our front yard covered with lights.  Last year, to my chagrin, there were a number of burned out bulbs right in the middle of the trunk.  Meanwhile, my neighbor down the street brings the North Pole Experience every year to his front yard – 75 inflated holiday figures dancing around on his lawn with Christmas Trees and elaborate rooftop displays; not to mention an impressive sign announcing a visitation from Santa on two consecutive Saturdays.  What I can’t help noticing is that there is not a single burned out light!  How does he do it?  Last weekend I finally restrung the pepper tree with a new set of LED lights along with my Christmas star hanging over the garage.  When I plugged everything in…voilà!  All the lights went on!  OK, it’s not the North Pole Experience, but I think it looks pretty good.

Today, lights and warm fires on the hearth are...

December 14, 2018

Let’s face it.  Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but it can also be a terrible time if we are feeling lonely.  Loneliness hits all of us, married or single; extroverts or introverts, well-adjusted or neurotic! Loneliness is being single & aching to share your life with someone; being married, but feeling misunderstood or unfulfilled; having a good day at work and only four walls to share it with; feeling no one would like you if you told them your secrets; taking inventory of your life and feeling you made the wrong choices; experiencing the loss of a loved one and feeling that no one cares.  We all know what loneliness feels like, but what can we do about it?  What can we learn from Scripture about dealing with loneliness?  

To begin with, we should know that Jesus chose on many occasions to be alone. He began his ministry alonein the desert (Mark 1: 12-13); and he often withdrew from people in order to be with his he...

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