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July 21, 2018

Early this week we dropped off Corynn at Forest Home’s Creekside Camp where she has been serving as a counselor for our church’s junior high girls. Back in the day, this was my very first camp; and I never forgot the guys’ barracks with nothing but burlap to cover windows and doors, the crazy games, the friends I made, the bible verses I learned to music, or the two guys from my cabin that tried to beat up the boys’ dean. I think they got sent home.  

In those days they called the camp Lost Creek Ranch, and the lead staff actually put on western get-ups to welcome the students. We looked forward to an outdoor wild-west medicine show complete with fake gunfights and gross audience participation games usually involving over-ripe junior highs socks. The climax was Judge Roy Bean’s pitch for his “medicinal cure-all,” a rare blend of everything from “Lost-Creek up-chucks” to “Transcendental Nettles.” Come by anytime to see my original bottle of “Placebo Elixer,” purchased for 50-cents and pr...

July 7, 2018

The road through the desert is a well-traveled path for God’s people.  About a week ago, we were making the 3000 foot descent from the mountains of Jerusalem to the Dead Sea.  About half way down, our guide motioned to the driver to pull over. There beside the road, with not a drop of water in sight, was a sign that read, “Sea Level.”  The Dead Sea was another 1300 feet below this marker, the lowest place on earth!  As we got out of the bus, we saw an impressive looking camel and his owner…ready to give rides to a bunch of eager out-of-towners.  One by one, or sometimes two by two, the camel driver gave us a ride for 20 shekels each (about $6).  Lisa and I finally got our turn, and it’s something you don’t forget.  Unlike a horse, you get on board while the camel is in a kneeling position with legs tucked beneath its enormous body.  Once on top you immediately notice the long neck and odd shaped head.  Then it gets up.  First come the hind legs, which means you instinctively lean backw...

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