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February 10, 2018

Biff had just finished telling me his life story at a nearby coffee shop.  It was honest and unflattering.  I saw humility, even embarrassment, as he shared the gritty details.  I felt honored that he chose to share so personally with me.  As he got up to leave I said, “Biff, thank you for that.  Would it be OK if I shared a little of my story?” He sat back down, “Sure.”  That’s when I told him about my own time of doubt in college; and how God became bigger and more real as I prayed and sought wisdom, and discovered a community where intelligent people acted like God was alive, healing and transforming lives.  Biff made an interesting comment for a skeptic: “Steve, you were feeding your faith and starving your doubts!” He heard a pastor say that once!

Before we got up, I told him that every good thing in my life had come from knowing Christ; including the strength He has given me in sickness and in health.  I wish I could say that after I was finished Biff turned to me and said, “Steve...

February 3, 2018

Two weeks ago I was standing at the bedside of one of my longest gym friends.  He was in an induced coma; and it was probably the only time I’ve been able to get in a word edgewise without him talking back.   “Biff” is not his real name, but it’s the one I’ve used in sermons and prayer requests.  Watch the 1985 classic Sci Fi movie, Back to the Future and you’ll know why “Biff” seemed like a good name for the argumentative and even insulting character I came to later call my friend. 

It was 2011 when I learned in casual conversation that Biff had worked in the movie industry as a grip. In his younger days, he pumped iron with Arnold at Gold’s gym so he knew a thing or two about training.  I noticed he wore a prominent Jewish symbol, the nine candle menorah, around his neck.  So one day I decided to complement it and said that as a Christian I have a lot of respect for Judaism. 

That’s when Biff told me he was not a practitioner, but had a girl friend who was...

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