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January 27, 2017

Downtown Union Station was the “Last of the Great Railway Stations” built in the United States in 1939, a monument to the golden era of railroading.  As a boy, my family would drive here to meet “Grandma on the train” – because that’s the way Grandma Craig always traveled from New Mexico for her holiday visits.  The site of her walking down the East Passageway, trunk in tow and filled with Christmas presents, was sweet indeed.  As a college student, I would take the Surfliner down the coast to Del Mar from here, and then pick up a bus to the UCSD campus – one of the best train rides in California.   Last night, Lisa and I came here again, this time to pick up my Aunt Fran who caught the train from Portland and came down for a visit.  We’ve had a great time catching up on the latest news.    

Union Station is so-named for many reasons, not the least of which is that we come here to reunite.  It’s a departure and arrival point, an old transportation...

January 20, 2017

My oldest daughter Corynn is living in Bass Lake right now with another of our St. John’s students, Jenna, on a special “High Sierra” semester.  This Sunday they were planning to begin a five day backpack trip into the Ansel Adams wilderness.  As I Iooked at the weather forecast, I could not help noting that a major storm is arriving on Sunday and Monday.  I was glad to hear that they are adjusting their departure time accordingly.  It also helped to know that their guide is a seasoned expert, and competes in 100 mile foot races.  I trust her to lead these students through the snow and ice safely; but I’m also going to be praying!

As human beings, we love to predict things, whether it is the weather, or the stock market, or an election. It gives us a sense of control.  In the case of weather patterns, sophisticated computer modeling has now made possible a fairly accurate 10 day forecast.  Unfortunately, being able to understand and interpret physical reality does no...

January 5, 2017

Where were you at 11:55am on New Year’s Eve 2016, and who were you with?  Perhaps far from home with people you love and care about, or alone in your own home or apartment.  Like many, my family enjoyed watching the ball drop in New York City via “tape delayed broadcast”.   If you own a digital video recorder, you can do the same thing - watch a program that was live on the East coast at a later scheduled time.  When we watch a tape delayed broadcast we’re bringing the past into the present.  We’re experiencing something that has already happened as though it was happening right now.  Of course, it helped that all those New Yorkers cared about celebrating New Year’s just like we did.  We watched because we could relate to their experience, and in fact their experience increased the enjoyment of our own. 
The Bible is a very special kind of “delayed broadcast” and as we pass into this new year, it will once again be inviting us into its world ev...

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