What is Alpha?


Alpha is an 11-Week Practical Introduction to the Christian faith that offers real answers to some key questions of life. Alpha is for anyone!

Anyone can come. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Christian faith is welcome; including seekers, new Christians, those interested in church membership, couples preparing for marriage, or those who want to brush on the basics.

Learning and laughter. Join others in a relaxed atmosphere.

Pecan pie (or other great dessert). Each weekly session begins with a dessert.

Helping one another. Dessert is followed by a large-group presentation and small-group discussion.

Ask anything. Here's your chance to ask your questions and express your opinions.

How does Alpha work?

The Alpha Course features the all-new Alpha Film Series, with a film each week followed by discussion. All meetings will take place on Tuesday evenings at the home of Pastor Steve Craig. Each evening begins with dessert at 7pm, includes a large group presentation and small group discussion led by Pastor Craig, ending promptly at 9pm. Childcare is available.

Come to the Introduction on January 9th and if you decide to stay for the rest of the course, the cost is $25. If you are in financial need, scholarships are available.

For more info, feel free to call the church office for more information.


When: Tuesday Evenings from 7pm to 9pm

Location: 11916 Woodbine St

Cost: $25

Alpha Schedule


Jan 9 - Is There More to Life Than This? (Intro)

Jan 16 - Who Is Jesus?

Jan 23 - Why Did Jesus Die?

Jan 30 - How Can We Have Faith?

Feb 6 - Why and How Do I Pray?

Feb 13 - Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

Feb 20 - How Does God Guide Us?

Feb 27 - How Can I Resist Evil?

Mar 6 - Why and How Should I Tell Others? 

Mar 13 - Does God Heal Today?

Mar 20 - What About the Church?

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